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Crapbin helps dispose of the waste

Crapbin helps dispose of the waste

Though many want to dispose of waste like old books, papers, cardboard, bottles, due to lack of sufficient time, they cannot take them out to sell.

Nowadays everything is available online. So, selling of waste things can also be possible with online service providers.

Crapbin is one such startup to help people dispose of stuff easily. It was founded by three brothers, Nisar Ahmed, Muquayyar Ahmed and Zuber Quresh in 2018.

Crapbin is a Hyderabad based startup to offer doorstep waste-collection service to households and industries.

You can use their services by booking online for dry items, recyclable items like papers, books etc., and electronic items.

Alternatively, you can call them on 7799996096 to book a slot to collect the waste.

The company will assign an executive to collect your items after your free pickup request has been accepted.

The executive who visits the house will weigh the scrap with an electronic weighing machine. Cash will be paid to the customers as per the existing market rates.

The prices at which they buy stuff are regularly updated on their website. You can check them while you are selling your scrap.

Those who have regular scrap items to sell can subscribe to their monthly arrangement so that their executives would collect the waste every month.

The staff of Crapbin segregate the collected scrape in the company’s waste yard after which it is sold to local waste management firms.

The founders of Crapbin, the trio of brothers are popularizing their startup on social media platforms and canopy tents.

Within nine months after the launch, Crapbin has over 1700 customers. So far, the startup recycled 470 tonnes of dry waste.

Crapbin has 20 employees and a part of its profits are allocated to support the education of poor children.

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