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ChooseMyBicycle – One stop shop for all cycling needs

ChooseMyBicycle – One stop shop for all cycling needs

Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you enjoy cycling? Do you like living in a cycling culture?

Then the startup ChooseMyBicycle would be a great fit for you.

It is an innovative startup for those who are interested in cycling and buying bicycles.

In the modern world, many of the adults who cycle are fond of their childhood memories of the same.

This is why 31-year-old Tamil Nadu state cricketer Rohit Kutappa revisited his love for cycling.

When he had to stop playing cricket due to a knee injury he started this company.

Being a holder of master’s degree in economics and an MBA in marketing, he wanted to use his knowledge with his love for cycling.

He started by having cycling events with his friends. However, it soon grew to an eCommerce platform.

ChooseMyBicycle sells bicycles, accessories, apparel and spares. Cycling enthusiasts can also get the needed information on various events in the country.

One can also find useful reviews from experts. They also offer service at home.

The main aim of ChooseMyBicycle is to improve the cycling community through events. At present, the team has more than 22 Indian and international bicycle brands selling via ChooseMyBicycle.

The company offers over 60 different brands of accessories and apparel. The team started out small but they grew slowly. Their growth spurted fast when they started making customized boxes.



They have also streamlined their delivery so that the bicycles can be ridden within five minutes of receiving them.

The company makes sure they keep the brand promise of manufacturer’s warranty claims and they address after-sales issues as well.

At present, they ship more than 250 cycles every month at an average price of ₹14,500.


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