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Chargebee – Subscription Management Platform

Chargebee – Subscription Management Platform

If you have a business and feel it is difficult to track and maintain recurring bills of your business, then Chargebee is a good option for you.

Chargebee is a Chennai based startup. It offers a subscription management platform to ease your regular billings with its fully automated SaaS billing solution.

Chargebee was founded by Rajaraman, Thiyagu, Saravanan KP, and Krish Subramaniam.

Chargebee is a billing solution for all your recurring bills. You can connect with Chargebee through API. It eases your billing system to allow your sales & marketing team to run special promotions. It also facilitates in generating accurate bills.

Chargebee helps collect online payments from the payment gateway of your desired option.

Billing at periodic intervals is simpler than recurrent billing. Chargebee offers that billing solution to businesses to improve the shopping experience of their customers and ease the payment system.

Operating a business is not an easy task. One has to take care of many things including marketing, sales, customer service etc. In addition to that, billing is one of the main tasks which needs a lot of time.

Hence, in order to ease the risk of businesses and to save their time, Chargebee offers services to them.

Various plans are available to get their services. You need to sign up with them to obtain their services. Signing up with them is free. You can choose a suitable plan later. If you are a new business, then your plan starts at $0.

For a growing business, the plan starts from $299. Enterprises can contact them to get the pricing details.

Chargebee supports one time transactions also. It even supports EU VAT. As a business, you can accept payments through bank transfer, checks etc. from your customers while using their services. For more details, check their website.

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