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Chai Sutta Bar offers different flavours of tea and coffee

Chai Sutta Bar offers different flavours of tea and coffee

Tea is one of the highest consumed beverages in India. As per reports, the tea consumption of Indian rose by 2.60% in the financial year 2021. It was more than 1.1 billion kilograms of tea in volume in FY2021. India consumed over 89% of its tea production this year. As you might be aware, India is the second-largest producer of tea after China, with over 1 million tons.

However, compared to its population, tea consumption in India is considered low. In other words, the per tea consumption of the country was 0.33kg as of 2016. Hence, this sector has a great opportunity and huge potential for aspirant entrepreneurs.

Realizing the fact, a friends’ trio launched a tea startup, Chai Sutta Bar, in 2016. Anubhav Dubey along with his friends, Anand and Rahul, started a tea outlet, Chai Sutta Bar, with an investment of ₹2 lakhs.

Anubhav aspired to become a Chartered Accountant but could not do so. He then wanted to crack UPSC exams but did not succeed in his attempts due to various reasons. He then aimed to own a business and explored ways to find the best potential business. He found that the tea business has great potential.

He and his friends opened their first outlet near a women’s hostel in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Their idea was to grab the attention of men who visit the hostel. And the trio succeeded in their venture. Their tea became an attraction for many people due to its taste.

Anubhav and his friends did hard work for creating a brand reputation for their tea. They kept the name of their tea brand as Chai Sutta Bar (CSB) to catch the attention of many consumers. They kept the ambience of the place aesthetic and hygienic. They wanted to use eco-friendly cups, i.e. kulhads, to serve the tea on a bar table to their customers. The idea behind serving tea in kulhads is to protect the environment from plastic and help pottery makers. They also provide employment opportunities to differently-abled people and orphans.

The trio’s tea business has been growing since its launch. They extended their brand to many areas of the country by offering franchises.

The startup has more than 250 outlets in over 125 cities across the country now. CSB assures around 108% of return on investment for a franchise. The startup will help the franchise in finding out the ideal space for the establishment.

If you want to open its franchise, you need to pay ₹6 lakhs as a franchise charge. The agreement term is 5years. The startup assures good returns on your investment. In addition to that, you have to buy a tea or coffee making machine and a refrigerator. An area of 80-2,000 sq. ft. is essential for the outlet. The entire investment for an outlet will cost around ₹15 lakhs.

CSB offers various types of tea in the following flavours: Chocolate, Rose, Elaichi, Adrak, Paan, Kesar, Tulsi, and Masala. Various types of coffees like choco cold coffee, brownie cold coffee, CSB special cold coffee etc., are also available. If you are interested to get a CSB franchise, visit their website.

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