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Appknox enhances Mobile Security

Appknox enhances Security

Appknox improves security by fixing loopholes in mobile applications and thus helps businesses and app developers. It scans security threats in an app and reports them to the developers so that they can be fixed with ease. It works on covering the basic coding practices, data flow and the metrics by considering attacker’s approach and providing simple solutions to identified threats according to their severity and effect.

Appknox supports all main platforms such as Android and iOS, and offers several scans at various levels. The Static Analysis delivers results within 5 minutes. Dynamic Analysis gives realtime results. Behavioral Analysis provides over 85 percent code coverage with exact results.

Appknox is an automated tool and allows complete protection so that there is no need to use another tool for security. Any new threat will be updated in less than 24 hours with the self-learning scanner and thus it benefits all the remaining apps in the system.

The users of Appknox will be updated with constant automated reports along with a score card revealing the threats ranked by the severity of the threat. Thus, it helps developers take care of their apps immediately and maintain good code practices.

Appknox assures best security by focusing on the best security practices. Malware, prevention of data loss, code injection, snooping etc. are some of the dangers it prevents.


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