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Women bouncers growing rapidly

Women bouncers growing rapidly

Women bouncers haven’t simply broken the proverbial cap within the country however additionally speedily grownup in numbers as concerned parents, cautious event managers, and saloon and restaurant homeowners all ask for their services.

Security agents estimate that in exactly the past one-and-a-half years, the quantity of ladies bouncers in India has grownup fourfold to about 5,000. In Bengaluru, the management of brewery U4IA plans to rent ladies bouncers during a week’s time as a result of customers demand.

If you look at the city’s demographics, the number of female social drinkers is increasing. So having female bouncers is a comforting factor for the patrons said Vanishree Prabhu, director, who wants two women bouncers to every three men employed by the firm.

Unlike most different jobs, wherever gender inequality is prevailing to the disadvantage of ladies, in this profession women usually get paid more than men — their wages vary from Rs.1,500-2,000 per shift along with conveyance compared with Rs.800-1,200 offered to men. A shift can last four-eight hours and women make Rs.20,000-35,000 a month. Many bouncers favor to stay independent and work for various security agents.

Female bouncers are also often told to handle male customers as men tend to sober fast when they see a female bouncer.

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