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Ways to get numeric keypad

Ways to get numeric keypad

Sometimes, your physical keyboard may not work properly and you may need a numeric keypad to use on a laptop or desktop.

Windows offer various built-in solutions.

Here is a list of various ways to get a numeric keypad for a computer or laptop:

There is a virtual numeric keypad in Windows 10. You can access it in various methods. The quickest way is to press Ctrl + O after holding down the Windows logo key. You can use this shortcut for on or off the on-screen keyboard.

If you want to use Windows settings, then click on settings >> Ease of Access >> Interaction >> Keyboard >> On. However, you need to select the Options button on the right lower corner after which the Numeric keypad is enabled. Then, press NumLock option to view the keypad.

Numpad emulators can alter the keys so that you can customize your keys. If you want such emulators, you can download them. If you don’t require the customization of the keypad, then you can work with the on-screen keyboard.

Laptop NumLock key helps activate a numeric keypad. The numbers are highlighted in different colors.  They are located on the top row numbers usually. If you want to activate the Numpad, find out the Numberlock key and press it along with Alt or Fn key. You can use it as an alternative for the Numpad of your laptop. You have to turn off the NumLock using the same keys.

To use iPad or iPhone, use VNC server like TightVNC to connect to your computer.

AutoHot keys are one of the useful built-in solutions for a numeric keypad.  You can use Caps Lock for the numbers on the numeric keypad to make it work like keypad numbers. These help things perform normally.

Use an external Numpad and connect to a computer or laptop through Bluetooth or USB. However, this option is expensive.

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