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Two meals a day to fight diabetes

Two meals a day to fight diabetes

The number of diabetics in India is being increased day by day. It is estimated that over 3 crore people will be attacked with diabetes by 2030. This is a 100 percent rise.

Diabetes becomes a major threat to people’s health.

The number of diabetics in Maharashtra are the highest with 22.13 percent.

In order to fight against it seriously, Medical Education department of Maharashtra is taking strict efforts.

The Maharashtra government appointed Dr. Jagannath Dixit as the brand ambassador for this initiative.

Dr. Jagannath Dixit is the Head of the Department of Community Medicine at the Latur Medical College.

Prevention of diabetes is essential in the country. More than 8 percent of population was diagnosed with diabetes and 13 percent of the country’s population is in pre-diabetes stage.

As you know, consumption of junk or processed food and sedentary lifestyle lead to obesity and there by diabetes.

Dr. Dixit has performed extensive research in this field as he worked with many diabetes patients.

He is famous for his theory of ‘Two meals a day’ to prevent diabetes.

Earlier Dr. Shrikant Jichkar had researched on a healthy diet plan to combat diabetes and obesity. Dr. Dixit who continued his research on Dr. Shrikant’s work says that two meals a day is beneficial to control weight as well as diabetes.

He says that the secretion of insulin normally does not depend on the amount of food you consumed but depends on how many times you eat a meal.

Hence, insulin is being released in the blood every time you have a meal. If your insulin levels are rising, your body uses glucose for its energy; on the other hand, when it is low, your body uses body fat.

Hence, the doctor advises you to restrict your meal two times a day. You can consume liquids like homemade buttermilk, coconut water, green or black tea without sugar, water, coriander decoction etc. in between the meals.

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