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TN man’s unusual election manifesto

TN man’s unusual election manifesto

It is quite common for political leaders to release luring election manifesto during polling. Many voters fall prey to these election gimmicks.

In Tamil Nadu, Assembly elections will take place in April. In this context, various political parties assured voters offering different freebies.

Some of them include free washing machines and computers, salaries to housewives, free tablets to all students with free Wi-Fi, cut in fuel prices etc.

In this context, to create awareness among voters, this Tamil Nadu man released an unusual election manifesto assuring to offer impossible things.

Thulam Saravanan is an independent candidate contesting from South Madurai. In his election manifesto, he promised voters that he would give various free things.

These include the following: Transfer of ₹1 crore cash to bank accounts to all voters, free helicopters and robots for all homemakers in his constituency, free iPhones and a three-storey building with a swimming pool to all, and construction of a 300-feet-tall iceberg in South Madurai to bear the summer heat. He also promised to send each voter to the Moon on a vacation.

Everyone says that it is clear that the manifesto is an election gimmick as all the things are impossible to do. They question him how he would fulfil his promises as he is not a rich man. As per his affidavit, he has only ₹10,000 cash in hand but liabilities worth ₹4 lakhs. They are making fun of him and mocking his election manifesto, saying it is phoney.

The dedicated election symbol for Saravanan is the dustbin. He said that he released this election manifesto to enlighten voters about freebies offered by various political parties. By promising freebies, they lure the voters but ignore to fulfil the actual and basic needs like education and infrastructure. He wishes all voters should know this fact, as their realization of his phoney promises.

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