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Things to do when a flight cancels

Things to do when a flight cancels

Flight passengers have two basic contractual rights when a flight cancels.

The airline should provide a refund of your ticket or a seat on its night available flight.

Here are the things to know in the event of a flight cancellation:

Getting a refund of the ticket is a universal policy. You have a right to get a full refund. They are done in the same manner as the tickets are booked such as cash or credit to a credit card.

If a flight cancels, then the airline should have to provide you with a seat in its night flight as a common rule. Most airline policies are built on that and they will make necessary arrangements for their passengers to reach the destination at no extra cost.

The above provisions made by the airlines if the flights are cancelled due to some event outside the control of airline like turbulent weather conditions.

However, often a flight may be cancelled due to a problem within the control of an airline like crew shortage or plane change. In such conditions, most airlines offer meal vouchers if the delay is for four hours or more. They offer hotel accommodation for a delay of eight hours or more in the nights especially during the period of 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

if a flight has been cancelled by airline well before the scheduled departure time, then the matter will be informed to you by an email or a text message. Your ticket will be rebooked automatically in the night flight. If you find it reasonable, you can accept or else suggest an alternative. You can also find alternatives if you book your ticket via a travel agent.

Do not lose your temper when your flight cancels as the things may not always be under control. The staff may be busy at the time or the tickets may not be available in the immediate flight. So, be patient and cooperate with them by giving some time to solve the issue.

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