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The first blockchain wedding in India

The first blockchain wedding in India

While COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings for parties and weddings are going on in many states across the country, would-be couples are exploring novel ways to celebrate their special day.

This Pune couple got married via blockchain technology from the OpenSea platform.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology. It stores encrypted blocks of data and chains them.

Shruti Nair and Anil Narasipuram from Pune exchanged vows while seated before their computers in wedding attire. They became the first couple to hold a blockchain wedding in the country in the presence of a digital priest, Anoop Pakki.

The matter was announced by the groom, Anil Narasipuram, on LinkedIn.

His post read that he and his wife had a registered marriage due to COVID-19 protocols on November 15, 2021.

They decided to immortalize their union using blockchain technology. The ceremony took place in just 15 minutes.

Their marriage took place via blockchain technology in the following way:

Their digital priest solemnized their online wedding ceremony. They used the Ethereum blockchain, which helps users communicate with one another by creating sophisticated programs.

Their programmers create tokens for the representation of all types of digital assets. They can track their ownership. They write certain codes of instructions; with which they can execute the functionality of these digital assets.

These tokens can be anything related to the user, like music files, images, contracts, and medical records. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are exclusive tokens that store digital media like music or videos. The authenticity of an NFT can be verified through the piece of digital media like photos, videos etc.

For the Pune couple also, a digital token (NFT) was created with the image of the bride’s engagement ring and the wedding vows embedded in it.

They set up Metamask wallets. Their digital priest minted the NFT on OpenSea and transferred it to the couple. The couple read their vows. After that, the digital priest blessed the couple by pronouncing them as husband and wife. Guests joined the ceremony on Google Meet and blessed the couple.

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