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Punjab man wins ₹2.5 crores in the state lottery

Punjab man wins ₹2.5 crores in the state lottery

Many people buy lottery tickets to win a jackpot. However, not all people are as lucky as Roshan Singh from Bathinda, Punjab. He won ₹2.5 crores in the Punjab state lottery.

But, Roshan Singh did not win a mega prize in the first attempt. He has been buying lottery tickets for 34 years to test his luck. He would win ₹100-200 occasionally. But this much money winning is the first time.

Roshan runs a clothes shop. He has been in the business for more than 35 years. He started his career as an employee and then started his own business.

Despite owning a shop, he would not have adequate money to spend as per his wish. Besides, he had to spend the money he acquired on the shop to expand his business. Then, he started buying lottery tickets to win the lucky draw, but it seemed that he had no luck.

Roshan’s wife did not like her husband’s spending on lottery tickets. She asked him not to buy lottery tickets. She would suggest him rather than depending on luck and wasting money, use it beneficially. She tried to stop him from buying lottery tickets, but she could not do so as he would not listen to her words.

At last, his dream of winning a lucky draw turned true. He won ₹2.5 crores in the Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper Lottery 2022. After deducting tax, he will get ₹1.75 crores. A lottery ticket dealer called him and informed him about winning a mega prize.

Roshan is happy about winning the bumper prize. He said that he wished to win a big prize or at least ₹10 lakhs one day. Now, his wishes have been fulfilled.

He said that he could not sleep all night. Roshan had three children. He wanted to start a new business with the prize and provide a better future for his children.

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