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Now domestic airlines can fly with 80% pre-COVID capacity

Now domestic airlines can fly with 80% pre-COVID capacity

The nationwide lockdown announced by the government due to COVID-19 affected many sectors. The government has been allowing them to resume their activities in different phases.

Resuming flight operations is one among them. Domestic airlines resumed their operations in the country from May 25.

Due to COVID-19 prevalence in the country, the government capped the maximum number of passengers in airlines. In addition to that, passengers also did not show interest in travelling on flights in the beginning due to COVID-19 fear, even after the recommencement of flight operations.

Initially, the government restricted the operations of domestic airlines to 33 per cent of their original capacity, which was increased to 45 per cent after a month.

The airlines carried 30,000 passengers six months ago while the number reached 2.52 lakhs on November 30. Considering the increasing demand from the passengers, the government also increased the capacity of operations of domestic airlines.

The government has also been approving the maximum number of passengers allowed in domestic airlines from time to time. In November, the government allowed the airlines to increase their operations to 70 per cent of pre-COVID approved capacity from 60 per cent.

Currently, they are operating at that capacity. Now, the capacity has further been increased to 80 per cent. Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri yesterday tweeted that now the government allowed domestic airlines to operate up to 80 per cent of their pre-COVID approved capacity.

The minister anticipated that airlines would reach their original capacity of operations, i.e. the pre-COVID levels either by the end of this year or by the early months of next year. It depends on the people as they have to follow specified protocols and safety precautions to control COVID-19. He also added that the airline sector would boost soon.

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