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Link PNRs to get an easy refund

Link PNRs to get an easy refund

In order to get a hassle-free refund, link PNRs of the connecting trains.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) brought several new services this year for the safe and comfortable journey of the passengers.

Linking your PNRs when you are travelling through the connecting trains is one of them.

These connecting trains are useful for passengers when no direct tickets are available on a specific date.

However, if you miss the connecting train due to the delay of your first train, then you can get a refund easily by linking both the PNRs while booking the tickets.

Here is the procedure to link the PNRs of connecting trains:

  • Choose the option of ‘connecting journey booking’ under the Trains menu while booking tickets.
  • Find a suitable train for the journey. Check the availability of the desired train on the train list page.
  • Then, click on the ‘Book Now’ button and enter the connecting PNR number.
  • Same user ID should be used to connect the two PNRs.
  • Name of the passengers, age and other such details should be the same in both the tickets.
  • After inputting the PNRs, the IRCTC checks whether they are eligible for connecting the journey.
  • Then, the details of the passengers would be auto-populated on the website.
  • There should not be more than five days of difference between the main journey and connecting journey.
  • While linking the PNR of a counter ticket, the passengers would be sent an OTP to verify the connecting journey.
  • Waiting tickets are not allowed to be linked. At least one of the tickets should be confirmed to link the PNRs.
  • When a partial cancellation is made on any of the tickets, then the PNR numbers will be de-linked.
  • Once the PNRs get linked, IRCTC would not allow any modification including the boarding station.

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