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Inspiring story of Sudha Chandran

Inspiring story of Sudha Chandran

Many people might know Sudha Chandran as the woman who danced with one artificial leg called the Jaipur Foot. Her role as the vamp mother-in-law in serial Kahiin Kisi Roz has revolutionized Indian television. The life of Sudha Chandran is a very inspiring one.

At a young age of 3, she learned to dance. After her school, she would go to her dance practice and return only 9:30 pm. This shows her passion for dance. Her passion for art is even clearer when in her 10th exams she scored 80 percent and stood first yet she chose arts so she could continue her dance.

She has performed in many stage shows by this time. Her life was going great until fate decided to give a cruel twist.

While she was travelling in a bus she encountered a major accident but got through it with just minor fractures and cuts. However, she was tended to by a couple of interns due to her minor wounds. They forgot to wrap up a cut on her right ankle. This mistake resulted in her foot getting which could spread through her body. Her parents had to take the decision of getting the foot amputated.

She felt desperate and shattered at this point. However, she realized how passionate she is about dancing. With her resolve, she managed to learn to walk straight in just four months. After she got her Jaipur leg, it took 3 years of physiotherapy to feel normal again. Many people offered condolences towards her ‘losing’ her dreams.

She practiced more and more with resolved and one day she went to her dad and told him she was ready to perform and he was shocked. She was set to perform in St. Xaviers College and when people saw the headline “Looses a Foot, Walks a Mile’, the show was sold out.

After her show ended she received a Standing Ovation. Her dad touched her feet and called her Goddess Saraswati. Thus began her rise to the star that everyone knows.

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