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India’s second oldest tiger passed away

India’s second oldest tiger passed away

Many people know that the population of tigers is very low. As the population of tigers is at such a condition, the second-oldest tiger of India passed away. Palash, the tiger which was diagnosed with kidney failure died in Mumbai’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park early on Tuesday. Ironically, the tiger passed away on the same day as World Animal Day.

Dr Shailesh Pethe who is the veterinarian at Sanjay Gandhi national park talked about the situation. He said that the Tiger Palash passed away in early morning 3.15. The Royal Bengal Tiger which was 13 years old was the second oldest tiger in India. The tiger was suffering from kidney issues. According to the doctor, the tiger already stopped eating since last Wednesday.

Palash is not the only famous tiger that passed away. Recently in August, Ranthambore’s legendary tigress ‘Machhli’ died. The tigress was 19 years old when it passed away.

According to Dr Pethe, the tiger has been in a serious medical condition for a long time. The tiger had a fit a while ago and the doctors tested it find out its kidneys stopped working. Last week, a blood test was conducted for Palash. The doctors found that his serum creatinine value has increased up to 31 mg. This shows that the tiger had acute renal failure, said Dr Pethe.

Even though the tiger has been in a bad condition for a long time, it was last week that changed everything. In the last weekend, Palash’s condition has worsened very quickly. He even stopped eating for the past couple of days. Palash lived his last days on just water and due to his kidney problem, he had to pass a lot of urine.

The tiger was brought to the national park for safekeeping from Madhya Pradesh a decade ago. He was about three years old at that time. The average life expectancy of a tiger is about 15 years. Palash even had four children – Yash, Anand, Laxmi and Puja.

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