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Important guidelines for Nursery Admissions in Delhi

Important guidelines for Nursery Admissions in Delhi

Delhi Schools are all set to start their nursery admissions from yesterday i.e. from January 2, 2017.

Several parents are ready to wait in long queues hoping to get admission in the best school for their kids.

In this scenario, Directorate of Education (DoE) issued guidelines which should be known to all the parents.

Most of the Delhites know that nursery admissions are a big process.

Kids are more in number than the capacity of schools which creates an atmosphere to exploit parents in the name of various types of fees and quality education.

It is quite common for many private schools in Delhi to charge nonrefundable registration fees for kids’ nursery admissions.

But as per the guidelines of DoE, no school should charge more than ₹25 for a registration form to get admission into the nursery.

Below is a list of guidelines issued by DoE to for nursery admissions:

  • Schools should publish the point systems on their website prior to the start of the admission process. Point system has to be in accordance with the Delhi High Court Order. They must hold a three-day window to clarify the method of selection and the point system.
  • Schools would have to close the admission registration process after January 23, 2017, and applications should be available till then.
  • Age limit for the kids is 3 years as on 31 March 2017 for nursery admissions 2017.
  • The minimum number of nursery seats in any school must not be less than the maximum number of seats in the last three years.
  • Private unaided schools that are built on public land should not start the admission process till they get further notification from the government.
  • If needed, schools must hold the draw of lots but only in the presence of all the parents who are participating in that lot. It must be recorded and shown to them before finalizing.
  • No school should ask for a donation for admission process. If it is found that any school violated the rule and demanded a donation, then the school must pay a penalty of amount up to ten times the donation it charged.
  • 25 per cent seats must be allotted to the economically weaker section and disadvantaged group categories. The remaining seats are to be open for the admission process.

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