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Government’s steps to bring normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir

Government’s steps to bring normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir

The life of normal citizens in Jammu and Kashmir has been affected severely due to the restrictions of the government after the revocation of Article 370.

In order to bring the situation in Jammu and Kashmir to normalcy, the Indian government says that several steps are being taken.

Here is a list of the steps taken by the government:

  • The government ensures the essential supplies to the citizens.
  • Medical facilities are not hindered. Since August 5, more than 4 lakh admissions in OPDs have been done and 11,000 surgeries have been carried out.
  • Landlines are working completely.
  • Even mobile phones are also working completely in Jammu and Ladakh and two districts of Kashmir, Kuwara and Handwara.
  • Internet kiosks have been established in10 districts of Kashmir with five terminals.
  • 12 counters with internet have been established at the tourist reception centre in Srinagar.
  • In addition to that, a media centre has been established in Srinagar. It has internet facility with 8 terminals.
  • Nearly 92 per cent of the area in Jammu and Kashmir is free of restrictions.
  • Out of 199 police station areas in Jammu and Kashmir, only areas under 11 police stations are under limited restrictions.
  • Over 10,000 Hajis would return.
  • Schools have been reopened. Exams are also on the schedule for the students.
  • Bank ATMs are functioning and over ₹98 core has been disbursed through them.

However, in the wake of Muharram processions, curfew-like situations are re-imposed in several parts of Valley. This is because of the possible occurrence of violence due to huge congregations.

Many security force personnel have been deployed at all entry points of Valley to maintain law and order.

Officials said that there are no reasons as such to re-impose the restrictions, but it is believed that these are the preventive measures against possible violence as part of gatherings during Muharram processions.

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