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Fact check on India Post’s lucky draw

Fact check on India Post's lucky draw

As the usage of social media is growing, so do the spam and frauds. Several fake and fraudulent messages are spreading on social media. Many people forward or share them with their friends and relatives without checking their authenticity.

Some messages contain phishing and malware links. If people click on these links, their mobile phones will be hacked. So, do not click any link or share fraudulent information with others without checking their authenticity.

A fake message has been circulated on social media for a few days, claiming that India Post is running a lucky draw for citizens. The message lures people to enter their details for winning a lucky draw to claim ₹6,000. It also claims that India Post announced subsidies through some quizzes and surveys.

Notably, some fake websites claim that India Post is running a lucky draw on the occasion of its 170th-anniversary lucky draw. In this context, India Post clarified that the message was fake. It asked to beware of such deceitful activities through its Twitter handle.

India Post also said that websites that claim the information do not associate with the India Post in any manner.

In addition to that, the Ministry of Communications also released an official statement stating that India Post did not involve any such activities to collect personal information. Nor did it announce subsidies, prizes and bonuses.

The Ministry asked people to beware of such fake and fraudulent messages and not respond to such notifications, emails or messages. It advised people not to share personal details and fall prey to such spurious messages.

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) also confirmed that the lucky draw message that has been circulating on social media was a scam. It is not related to India Post but an attempt to lure people to dupe them.

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