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The ‘expert’ advice

The ‘expert’ advice

Journalists commonly use the word ‘experts’. It doesn’t matter what is being written concerning — whether it is about Kashmir, cross-border terrorism, the state of the economy, what Narendra Modi had for breakfast — there will always be some anonymous ‘experts’ cited to provide an incontrovertible purpose of view which ends all further discussion on the topic.

There are ‘experts’ on everything, from foreign policy to pollution, from vote-bank politics to the psychological dynamic. It doesn’t matter what is the issue, there are a full bunch of ‘experts’ who’ll have the ultimate say on the matter by virtue of the very fact that they’re the ultimate authorities on the subject being debated.

Thanks to these ‘experts’ we are no longer required to use our own brains and whatever logic we might possess to the matter at hand. It could be a matter of inner-city traffic control, the continuing plight of the girl child in India, farmers’ suicides, or the country’s stand on intellectual property rights. The experts mentioned seem to have got it all in control and we supposedly don’t need to trouble ourselves with any of that stuff. The ‘experts’ can handle it, no matter what it is.

If we let the so-called experts deal with things the way they want, we will never be able to use our own minds.

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