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Effect of Jupiter’s transition to Scorpio

Effect of Jupiter’s transition to Scorpio

Jupiter, one of the most important planets in the zodiac system, will transit in Scorpio in the coming week. The transition of Jupiter from Libra to Scorpio begins on October 11, 2018 and continues till March, 2019. It will end by March 30, 2019.

Jupiter completes one astrological cycle in 13 months. Now that Jupiter is transiting to Scorpio that belongs to Mars which is a friend of Jupiter, astrologers predict the following consequences.

Here are the effects of Jupiter’s transition to Scorpio on various zodiac signs:

For Aries, Jupiter will move to the 8th house during this transit. As a result, Arians may visit pilgrimage places between October 11 and December 27. Various religious ceremonies may be held at home. New opportunities will be opened which result in financial abundance. Funds will be organized for new ventures. The value of assets that have been invested in the past will be appreciated. Overall, Arians will have positive consequences.

For Taurus, Jupiter will move into the 7th house. Hence, Taurus people will have a chance of acquiring new properties, foreign country trips and financial gains. Teamwork and partnership help these people to success. Even relationships will work.

For Gemini, Jupiter will move into the 6th house. As a result, Geminites will get a public reputation. Bond with life partner will be strengthened. Professional life and relationship with business partners will be better. They will become masters in new skills. However, caution should be taken to decline certain opportunities that may be gotten at the wrong time, and focus on the important plans.

Jupiter will move through the 5th house for Cancerians. So, they will have good health in addition to gain over their rivals. Legal issues will be solved. Some religious events will be held at home. This phase will bring happiness, relaxation and romance. It helps exploring creative skills.

For Leo people, Jupiter will move in the 4th house. Hence, education and sport skills are developed. Health issues and disputes related to ancestral property will be solved.

For Virgos, Jupiter will move through the 3rd house. Hence, they will see developments related to properties and education. Personal life will be better. They will also get foreign trips and public reputation.

Read on the effects of Jupiter’s transition to Scorpio on the remaining zodiac signs in the next article.

Image Credit: Eric Kilby from USACC BY-SA 2.0

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Eric_Kilby_-_Moon_and_Jupiter_-_Composite_2_(by-sa).jpg

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