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Digital Signature Vs Electronic Signature

Digital Signature Vs Electronic Signature

Both digital and electronic signatures are online signatures. They have some similarities as well as differences. Both are used to authenticate a digital document.

Unlike, an electronic signature which is vulnerable to tampering, a digital signature is secure.

Electronic signatures are easy to use. They are used to sign a document online using with fingers or with a click of the computer mouse.

They could be any image or symbol attached to the message or document to reveal the consent of the singing person. They are used to verify a document.

Digital signatures are a type of electronic signatures. They involve many things and offer more security than an electronic signature.

They are used for securing a document. Digital signatures are encrypted so that nobody can tamper. The digital signature will become invalid when anyone tries to make changes in the document.

A mathematical algorithm is used to create a digital signature. To encrypt the information, a private key is used. Then a public key is added to create a digital signature.  As it is encrypted, it recognizes the identity of the person who actually signed it. Once verified, the sensitive information is made available with the decryption process.

Digital signatures are used by the authorized signatory of NGOs, domestic organizations, foreign organizations etc.

The digital signature ensures the validity of a document and the trustworthiness of signing authority.

The electronic signature verifies the singing person through email, phone PIN, etc. whereas digital signature verifies the person though a certificate-based digital identity.

The digital signature is validated by trusted certificate authorities or service providers. They use cryptographic encryption methods. Hence, they comply with the standards and improve security.

However, the electronic signature does not need specific validation process. Besides, it does not rely on standards.

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