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Delhi airport more vulnerable to Coronavirus

Delhi airport more vulnerable to Coronavirus

The novel Coronavirus is trembling the entire world. The virus which was first diagnosed in China is spreading to other countries. Three positive cases were diagnosed in India also. All these were reported from Kerala.

In this context, Humboldt University and Robert Koch Institute conducted a study to know the most vulnerable places that are likely to import coronavirus.

The study has revealed that India is in the top 20 countries and Delhi is at a greater risk than other airports in the country.

The USA is in sixth place with 0.787 per cent import risk.

Other countries in the top 20 list are Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Australia, Indonesia, Macau, the Philippines, Russia, Canada, India, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar.

The study says that the estimation of how likely the virus spreads to other places is done as per the number of air travel passengers.

If the flight route is busier, then there is more probability for travelling of an infected passenger on that route.

The study calculated the relative import risk of coronavirus to various airports based on this probability.

Though the positive cases reported in India were from Kerala, Delhi airport is more prone to import coronavirus with 0.066 per cent risk as it is the main entry point.

Mumbai airport stood in second place with 0.034 per cent and Kolkata in third place with 0.020 per cent.

Bengaluru airport, Chennai airport and Hyderabad airport are in the next three places with 0.018 per cent, 0.015 per cent and 0.010 per cent respectively.

The novel coronavirus killed over 800 people in China. In order to keep Indians safe from the outburst of this virus, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) decided to ban the entry of foreigners who have been to Beijing on or after January 15, 2020.

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