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COVID-19 vaccination mandatory to buy liquor here

COVID-19 vaccination mandatory to buy liquor here

The vaccination drive has been going on in the country. Still, in many areas of the country, people are not showing interest in getting vaccinated. Hence, authorities in the Nilgiris district made vaccination mandatory to buy alcohol from government liquor shops.

They announced that only those who received both doses of vaccination can buy alcohol from the state-run TASMAC outlets. They have to produce the vaccination certificate to buy liquor.

The initiative was taken by the authorities to motivate more people to get vaccinated. It was started on September 1.

Nilgiris is the first district in Tamil Nadu to come up with such an initiative. The district collector J Innocent Divya said that around 97 per cent of the eligible population had been inoculated.

Some misinformation has been spreading among people. This interrupted their target of achieving complete vaccination in the district.

To inoculate 100 per cent of the population and encourage more people towards the vaccination, various steps had been taken.

Notably, to prevent rumours among people regarding vaccination, the authorities made this announcement. Some people, especially alcoholics, are keeping a distance from taking the vaccine as they cannot consume alcohol for two to three days after the vaccination. That’s why they voluntarily avoid taking vaccination, saying that they consumed alcohol.

As several alcoholics were not ready to get vaccinated, the district authorities made this announcement. Now, vaccination becomes mandatory to buy liquor at TASMAC outlets. Those who want to buy alcohol should have to submit their vaccination certificate and Aadhaar card.

Authorities believe that this move encourages more people to get vaccinated. Nilgiris is one of the popular tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu. As several tourists visit this place, the government wants to complete the vaccination drive by vaccinating all eligible individuals.

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