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Braindead resurrects in Telangana

Braindead resurrects in Telangana

Have you ever heard of a braindead people resurrected to life? How would people feel when a ‘dead’ person opens his eyes and talks when they are carrying him to a graveyard?

In a surprising incident in Suryapet Rural, Telangana, a braindead person resurrected to life.

Gandham Saidamma who lives in Pillalamarri, Suryapet has two sons. She is raising her sons by working as a daily labourer after her husband’s death.

Her elder son completed his graduation and younger son Kiran is in his second year of graduation.

He was suffering from diarrhea and vomiting on June 26 due to which he was admitted in a private hospital in Hyderabad.

But, he was not responding to treatment. Hence, the doctors said he was braindead and removed ventilator.

Kiran was discharged on July 3 and taken to his home.

Funeral arrangements were being done. Flexis, crackers and garlands were arranged.

Villagers gathered in a huge number. His final journey was started in the midst of wailing of family members and relatives.

However, when they lifted him to lay on the death bed to carry to the graveyard, they found that he was breathing.

They stopped everything and waited for his recovery.

He was crying until the next day which was observed by his mother.

She hoped for his recovery and used medicines as per the advice of local and Hyderabad doctors.

His body responded slowly and some movements were found on July 5.

He slowly opened his eyes and talked on that night.

His mother gave him milk. He drank it, which energized him and he was able to see and talk.

His family members and relatives felt very happy.

The villagers who came to know this incident were amazed. Several people are visiting him daily and expressing their surprise and happiness on his recovery.

Image Credit: Ankur Panchbudhe CC BY 2.0

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