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Best gifts to buy for your partner on Valentine’s Day

Best gifts to buy for your partner

For many people, buying gifts is a problem. With Valentine’s Day coming up, buying gifts can be quite challenging for some people.

WerIndia – Leading India News Source has collected some unique and romantic gift ideas for you to use. Read on and make your partner happy.

The love coupons

These involve some basic craft work. Create handmade or computer made ‘love’ coupons (preferably with your own design). They are basically coupons which your partner can ‘redeem’ with you for various things. You can offer various lovey options like hugs, kisses, backrubs etc. You can even make unique hangout coupons with locations significant to your relation (maybe the place you first went to picnic).

Inscribed jewelry/cups

Make your gifts personalized or unique by inscribing a personal quote or detail. You can do this on jewelry pieces or coffee cups.

Write cute or romantic messages and you can even think of making a matching set where one half of the message is worn by the woman and the other half by the man.

Make your own love story

Create a Journal or novel like book detailing your own love story. Make entries with funny or romantic comments. Write things like first impression or ‘your song’.

The love treasure hunt

Before your partner wakes up, create a small treasure hunt filed with clues related to your relationship. At the end of the hunt will be your gift. You can also add personalized messages in between to spice things up.

Create a memory

Gifts don’t need to be material. Try to create a great date. Maybe you can recreate something that happened in your relation like your first date. Add a little twist to it so that you partner is still surprised.This one needs a little planning as you might need to book a reservation at certain places.

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