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Amma’s healing powers

In all probability, Tamil Nadu’s biggest and most popular brand spanning healthcare, food and water is Brand Amma – the reverential leader whose pro-poor image is instantly digested by its consumers. Amma who under a ‘no-profit-no-loss’ scheme has been operating several Amma canteens, mineral water cans, salt has now increased her Line of business with Amma medicine stores. 10 outlets of “Amma Pharmacies” opened today in Chennai. The plan is to have 200 shops that will sell medicines 10 per cent cheaper, at just four per cent profit – compared to the usual 14 per cent. The state government has allocated Rs. 20 crore to the state cooperative society to finance the Amma medicine stores, which means a spending of Rs. 20 lakh on every air-conditioned outlet. 

Amma Canteens were first off the mark, selling food items at subsidized rates. This was followed by Amma packaged water. Last month, she unveiled three varieties of low-cost salt: double fortified, low sodium and refined free-flow iodized.

No wonder, she swept 37 of the 39 seats in the elections!! Lesson to be learnt…

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