American IT industry and cap on H-1B visas

American IT industry: Raising cap on H-1B visas

Raising cap on H-1B visas

More than 545,000 tech jobs stay vacant within the U.S.A. which has a deep impact on silicon Valley-based companies, American IT trade has said while arguing in favour of raising the cap on H-1B visas to draw in brightest minds from across the world.

Robert Atkinson, president of the data Technology and Innovation Foundation stated in an op-ed in the courier Post that Silicon Valley’s advanced, traded industries power innovation and growth throughout the U.S.A. economy. However denying firms access to the practiced workers they have is like asking them to work with one hand tied behind their backs.

He added that, instead, the United States ought to raise the cap on H-1B visas and broaden overall high-skill innovation in order that our economic engine are often fuelled by the brightest minds from all over the planet. Atkinson, who reflects the voice of the U.S.A. IT business, wrote that over 545,000 technology jobs stay empty as a result of the shortage of staff who are qualified for high-skilled positions within the so-called “STEM” fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

This gap has deadlocks the growth in advanced technology industries which hurts the competitiveness of Americans, said Atkinson.

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