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AAP VS BJP VS Congress

AAP VS BJP VS Congress

Here is a comparison of what the three parties offer to Delhi.

  1. Only the manifesto of AAP has a key political demand for full statehood for Delhi. The BJP’s Vision document and the Congress manifesto have no mention of it.
  2. AAP made promises to reduce power bills in half. BJP also promised cut in bills but was not specific. Congress stated it will reduce basic rate to Rs. 1.50 per unit for first 200 units.
  3. BJP and AAP have promised CAG audit of power supply. BJP suggested that consumers must be free to choose a company.
  4. AAP has promised free water up to 20,000 for all each month. BJP planned to review and rationalize water bills. Congress promised to waive pending water bills.
  5. Congress returned to promise of right to shelter and ownership rights to slum dwellers. BJP stated it will regularize unauthorized colonies and work on houses instead of slums scheme.
  6. All three parties focused on women’s safety. AAP promised 15 lakh CCTVs, BJP promised GPS and CCTVs in all public transport and plan on regulating taxis, and Congress promised CCTVs in public transport and special training of police force.
  7. AAP started to focus on Janlokpal bill to tackle corruption. Both congress and BJP promised corruption free governance.
  8. All three made promises regarding clean and a free Wi-Fi city.
  9. BJP used the term “north east immigrants” which raised controversy and congressed sought an apology. The BJP apologized.
  10. Most of BJP’s presumptive chief minister Kiran Bedi’s blueprint for Delhi became a part of her party’s vision document.

Image Reference: NDTV

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