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Ti bus toilets – Unique solution for women

Ti bus toilets – Unique hygienic solution for women

Many people hold in their pee if they do not find clean toilets. This leads to several health problems.

Sonam Nandawar from Pune is one among many who dislike using unclean toilets. Working as an administrator, she looks for a clean and hygienic toilet.

One day, she found a bright pink bus in Aundh area, Pune one day. She was very happy when she came to know that the pink bus is a toilet for women.

The pink bus toilets are the innovation of Ulka Sadalkar and Rajeev Kher from Pune.

The duo launched their first toilet bus in 2016 in association with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). These toilets are known as ‘Ti’ toilets which means she or her in Marathi.

There are 12 toilet buses in Pune. The toilets have been used more than one lakh times. Around 300 women use these toilets in all locations of the city on normal days.

Toilet buses have many unique features. They are clean. These buses have washbasins with soaps and sanitary napkins. Those who need them can buy them.

Breastfeeding mothers can feed their babies at the feeding station. They can change the diapers of their babies as well.

A chip has been installed on the bus to prevent bad odour. This humidity and moisture chip was developed by MIT labs in the US. There is a temperature controller within the bus.

Each toilet bus has three to four Indian and western toilet units based on the size of the bus. It has lights, television etc. There is an attendant to maintain the bus and to run a café within the bus. Packaged foods like biscuits and water are sold.

Solar panels have been installed over the roof of the bus to power all gadgets, lights, and WiFi.

In certain areas, the use of these toilets is free. However, the users are charged ₹5 to use it where the cost of running these toilets is high.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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