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This teenager develops drone to destroy landmines

This teenager develops drone to destroy landmines

Landmines are often a threat to humans that deal with them due to their explosive nature.

Hence, there is a need to find alternative solutions to minimize the human risk.

The International Campaign wants to ban landmines saying that these explosive devices are often detonated by the proximity or contact of a person. That means even if a child reaches to its vicinity, they may explode.

Landmines are normally placed underground or on the ground to thwart enemy forces. But, they remain a huge threat to soldiers.

In this context, a 16-year-old boy from Gujarat invented a drone named EAGLE A7.

His name is Harshwardhansinh Zala. He designed a drone to deal with landmines without any risk to humans.

Zala claims that his drone can detect and destroy landmines without posing any threat to human.

He said that this is the first of its kind technology and this type of technology is not available anywhere at present.

He describes the technology as multi-spectral land mine detection technology and it helps detect mines.

Despite receiving several offers from abroad, Zala does not want to go. He wishes to help Indian army with his technology. He hopes the services of his drone may be utilized in the Indian Army as well as CRPF and save the lives of Indian soldiers from being martyred.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation issued new National Drones Policy on drones. With this, flying drones or remotely-piloted aircrafts have become legal in India since December 1, 2018. The new rules clarify when, where, and how drones can be operated within India.

The new policy also states that nano drones do not need registration or license. Those weigh less than 250 grams or equal come under this.

Zala participated in Maker Fest in January 2016 which had been held in his city. The program is intended to support innovation and entrepreneurship in India.

Image Reference: Financialexpress

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