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Swasthya Slate – A One-stop Healthcare solution

Swasthya Slate – A One-stop Healthcare solution

If you are not well and your doctor suggested you to undergo various lab tests, then you will have to spend several days to get the tests done in the laboratories and get their results. There is a loss of time and money in the name of tests for diagnosing the diseases. How would you feel if there is any device that performs all tests and delivers results immediately? Have you ever thought of this?

But, Dr Kanav Kahol thought about this. Dr Kanav Kahol, is working for the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI). He developed Swasthya Slate to provide quality health care even in rural regions of India. Swasthya Slate is a mobile device which uses technology and can be used for nearly 33 lab test ranging from hemoglobin test to ECG. It gives results immediately.

Swasthya Slate enables Android Tablets and phones to perform 33 diagnostic tests. The device contains specialized apps to help users conduct various screenings and health examination protocols. It also comprises of decision support tools and allow users to get quality recommendations for better health. The medical records are also stored by this device on phone and on the Swastya Slate’s cloud. Thus, it helps in getting both online and offline procedures. Swasthya Slate is a great innovation and the initiative has helped the government and many NGOs to reach large number of people.

The cost of the device which aims to benefit several patients in rural areas of India is just Rs. 15,000. The device saves both time and money spent on various tests. At present, the kit is used by primary healthcare workers in various Indian states including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Healthcare workers in Singapore, Canada, Norway, Nigeria and UK are also using this kit.

Image Reference: Swasthyaslate.org

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