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NaaPanta app helps farmers get better yield

NaaPanta app helps farmers get better yield

Agriculture is the most important sector in India. Several rural people still depend on agriculture for their profession.

Yet, the life of farmers is miserable and suicides among them are very common.

Most of the Indian farmers still depend on natural factors like weather and soil. The yield mainly depends on those.

Yet, fake fertilizers and adulterated seeds also play a crucial role in low yield.

Naveen Kumar from Warangal had once seen a farmer commit suicide due to adulterated cotton seeds given by a merchant.

The merchant sold these seeds for a profit of just ₹300.

Upset by the incident, Naveen wants to do something for farmers.

In order to serve small and marginal farmers, he developed an app named ‘NaaPanta’. ‘NaaPanta’ in Telugu means ‘my crop’.

The app runs on Android platform, and is available in both Telugu and English at present. NaaPanta is free to download. More than 1,17,000 farmers from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have downloaded the app so far.

The farmers just need a mobile internet connection to use the app. Famers can have all agriculture related information in real-time with the help of this app.

The app also facilitates farmers to track their expenses in a structured manner. They can also have the information and preparation techniques of pesticides and insecticides.

The app is a one-stop solution for farmers which provides weather forecast, crop insurance information, cold storage facilities and location of soil laboratories in both Telugu states.

NaaPanta app initially had very limited features, and farmers were not interested to download it as every farmer has a unique requirement.

Then, Naveen added many offline features, and later the app was stabilized with more than 16 services after several trial and error methods.

Now, this app can even work with the simplest smartphone.

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