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Mumbai café made from cardboard

Mumbai café made from cardboard

Theme restaurants are quite common nowadays. Here is a café in Mumbai made of cardboard.

It is India’s first cardboard café. It is located at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) in Mumbai.

The design of the café is creative as its complete interior including furniture, light fixtures, menu card, signage, and bill and cutlery boxes are made out of cardboard.

Nuru Karim of NUDES is the architect of this cardboard café.

Amit and Bhavna Dhanani established it in association with Shilpa Tulaskar and Vishal Shetty.

Asking for the reason for using cardboard for their café, they explained as follows:

Cardboard is an eco-friendly product and renewable. As it is mainly made of 50 per cent of air, its texture is useful to make various products. Furthermore, it is lightweight, durable, and has good insulating and sound absorption priorities. That’s why it is acoustic-friendly.

It took four months for the team to finish the prototype. They spent another four months to build it.

The prototyping was tested vigorously for its durability and quality.

They used wax to laminate the tabletops to prevent food or water from damaging the material.

They also stated that it was not just for the cost in designing this, but their main motive is to make a difference.

They used cardboard as they want to build a café with sustainable material. And cardboard is one of the versatile materials in the day-to-day life of people. Hence, they used it.

The team added that the customers also love this concept as it is a new one. They are touching various things at the café for enjoyment. As the quality of the food is also good, they are returning.


Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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