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The man who created glaciers

The man who created glaciers

Ladakh’s stunning mountains may well be a paradise for tourists, however raise the locals have to struggle to satisfy their basic water desires once a year. ChewangNorphel place his engineering skills to a more robust use and created artificial glaciers to supply water during this cold and dry mountainous region.

ChewangNorphel, a 79-year previous retired technologist, has forever been an answer supplier. The story goes back to 1966, once he was in Zanskar, one of the most backward and remote areas in Ladakh, as Sub Divisional Officer. He, in conjunction with his team, had to construct college buildings, bridges, canals, roads etc. in this space. The task was terribly troublesome to execute attributable to lack of mean labour.

Today, he’s referred to as the “Ice Man of India” and has created ten artificial glaciers in Ladakh to assist individuals alter water scarceness and save people the trouble.

Even though Ladakh is a beautiful place, the dry and infertile land makes it hard to live there for the locals. Thanks to Norphel, the place has artificial glaciers now which, is slowly changing the lives of the locals for the better. Even though he contributed roads, bridges and other engineering technology to the village, his greatest contribution is the artificial glaciers to which people will owe him for generations to come.

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