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Innovative school design keeps it cool even in hot climate

Innovative school design keeps it cool even in hot climate

Usage of Air Conditioners (ACs) in summer is one of the most common things. Many people install ACs in their homes or offices. But this school does not have an AC. You may think that many schools do not have ACs across the country.

But, can you imagine a school without AC amid a desert? Yes, it is true. Here is a school that is not equipped with AC even though in the middle of a desert.

The school is situated in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls’ School in Jaisalmer is not an ordinary school. The architecture of the school is completely different from that of a regular school building.

The appealing school is constructed with locally cut yellow sandstone. US-based architect Diana Kellogg is behind this oval-shaped structure.

The innovative structure keeps the school cool inside the building. The canopy filters the sand and keeps the heat out. The artistic structure has spectacular lattice walls and a vented ceiling.

The school is conceptualized by Michael Daube, the founder of CITTA. CITTA is a USA-based non-profit organization.

Both Michael and Diana worked together for the construction of this beautiful school.

Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls’ School is open for girls below the poverty line in the area. The school has a computer centre and library facility for students.

More than 400 girls are studying here. The school also supplies midday meals to these girls. The complex has a textile museum and exhibition space.

In addition to providing education to girls, the NGO offers training to their mothers in weaving and textiles in a nearby building. The school is likely to open after the ease of COVID-19 restrictions in the country.

The school will provide education up to Class 5 in the beginning. Later it will extend up to Class 10 in future. The school aims to empower girls through education and women through skill development.

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