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Indigenous Milk chilling unit

Indigenous Milk chilling unit

India is the world’s largest milk producer. 22 per cent of global milk is produced by India alone. However, millions of litres of milk are being wasted due to lack of proper storage and chilling facilities.

Though large and medium farmers can handle milk spoilage, small and marginal dairy farmers are mainly affected by it.

As they primarily depend on the sale of milk, they lose their daily source of income.

To help small and marginal dairy farmers avoid milk spoilage, Ravi Prakash from Bihar designed an indigenous milk chilling unit.

This 29-year-old man developed a nano fluid-based technology to chill the raw milk from 37° to 7° within 30 minutes.

Ravi is a research scholar from ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Bengaluru.

Ravi grew up in a small village called Harsari. His father is a farmer. Farmers in his village used to gather and discuss their problems.

Milk spoilage is one of the common issues in their discussion. At that time, Ravi understood that they were facing the issue due to a lack of cooling system.

He then decided to find a solution to avoid milk spoilage.

Ravi’s milk cooling system is simple. His cooling pail device is designed like a steel container. It has a charger to cool the milk when there is power supply.

The pail is priced at ₹10,000. It preserves the quality of milk and keeps it chilled to avoid milk spoilage. This cooling device is a one-time investment for dairy farmers.

Ravi is designing different versions of pails to bring down the price so that many farmers can afford the device.

Ravi’s cooling pail device won the first prize worth of $25,000 at the 4th BRICS Young Scientist Forum held in Brazil.

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