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How Dirty Are Your Gaming Consoles?

How Dirty Are Your Gaming Consoles

Although a majority of us keep a tidy house, you’ll be surprised to know how much bacteria and germs are lurking in places that you wouldn’t have thought about. A recent study by Betway Online Casino showed that most gamers don’t ever consider the cleanliness of their games console, despite how many hours a day they spend touching it.

How Bad Are Gaming Consoles?

Hard-core gamers spend hours a day with their games console in their hands; often multitasking between gaming and eating/drinking and other tasks. When you think about it that way, it’s obvious that our gaming consoles could do with a little clean every now and then, but actually, research showed that this wasn’t something most gamers considered.
That said, on average gaming consoles are thought to have around 3 times as much bacteria as a toilet seat – so you’ll probably want to get the anti-bacteria wipes out! I know most of us would assume that a toilet is going to be much dirtier – but we know this and they’re cleaned often, the same can’t be said for gaming consoles which is why they’re so filthy.

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Which Games Consoles Are The Worst?

Of course, everyone is different and only you know how clean and tidy your house is. However, research showed that PCS were the worst computer for cleanliness – keyboards are a trap for crumbs and food debris, which is a hygiene nightmare. However, Switch and PlayStation also had their own fair share of bacteria when they were tested as part of the Betway Online Casino research recently carried out. X Box did have a level of bacteria too but this was the lowest of all the consoles that were tested as part of the research.
No one wants to stop you from gaming but good hygiene is important. If you don’t pay attention to cleaning your machines regularly then you’ll at risk of several types of bacteria calling your console home – which means you could then transfer these to elsewhere within your home too. These are invisible so even if the rest of your home is seemingly clean, these will be transferred.

Avoiding Bad Hygiene

The best way you can keep your console germ free is to make sure it is kept as clean as possible. As tempting as it is, try to avoid eating around your PC or games console – you will drop crumbs, even with the best will in the world not to. If you’re gaming alongside eating then grease from your food can also easily be transferred to your console; something you’ll definitely want to avoid. Wash your hands before you start gaming and this will help. You can also get antibacterial wipes to give the console a quick wipe over every now and then; why not add it to your household cleaning routine? Just make sure the console doesn’t get soaking wet and cleaning it in this way will do no harm. It is recommended you give your console a clean at least once a week.

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