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Green protocol initiative helps reduce plastic waste

Green protocol initiative helps reduce plastic waste

In order to reduce the bottled water and its dumping in public places, Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala has initiated a ‘green protocol’ method.

Under this initiative, people can dump their plastic waste at specific places outside the hotel and can fill their water bottles without paying money.

The District Collector K Vasuki introduced the idea in a meeting and the representatives of Hotels and Restaurants have agreed to this proposal.

The District Collector urged the hotel owners to do their business in an eco-friendly way. Providing free drinking water is a big boost to the green protocol initiative. It encourages the people to stop disposing plastic waste here and there especially in public places.

The Collector said that green hospitality certificates will be provided by Haritha Keralam Mission and Suchitwa mission to those hotels participate in this green initiative.

In addition to that, the hotel owners also agreed to stop providing plastic spoons and straws for juices and desserts.

B Jayadharan Nair, the district president of KHRA expressed their happiness to be part of this green initiative. He said that the hotel owners are participating in many humanitarian initiatives along with this.

One such scheme is Annam Punyam. Under this scheme, free food coupons are distributed to the destitute to combat hunger in the district. Over 5,000 registered hotels partnered in this scheme across the district.

However, the hotel owners did not accept another proposal of banning plastic plates and bags for package and delivery.

As there is no eco-friendly alternative available at present, they said that they do not approve it. Even, one or two available alternatives have problems; hence, it is difficult for them to accept the proposal.

Yet, they promised to cut down the usage of plastic as much as possible for the environment.

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