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Fun summer vacation projects for kids

Fun summer vacation projects for kids

For many children, the summer vacation probably started.

During this time, instead of wasting time on video games, you can have your kids do these fun projects that teach creativity.

Here are some fun projects for kids to do.



Tornado in a bottle

This is a simple project which uses science. For this, take a bottle and fill it three quarters with water and then add some dish washing liquid to it. Add some glitter to make it look ‘cool’. Now spin the bottle in circular motion to get an awesome looking little tornado inside the bottle.

Photo on wood

You can make a cool portrait on wood. For this project, you need to get a wooden panel that your child can work on. You also need some Mod Podge which can be acquired from most craft stores.

Get a print of the image on paper. Then apply a good amount of Mod Podge on wood panel. Then gently place your picture on top of that and affix it firmly. After it gets completely dry, take a damp piece of cloth and remove the paper from the wood. You will have the image on the panel.

Fun summer vacation projects for kids

Fun summer vacation projects for kids


Potato battery

This is a fun activity for children. Get some potatoes, a heavy copper wire and some zinc and copper nails. Stick the zinc nail and copper nail into each of the potatoes. Then connect the zinc nail on one potato to copper nail in the other with the wire and an alligator clip. The other two nails on the potato should be connected similarly. It can be now used to power a small bulb or something.

Make a rainbow

Take a glass of water to a window streaming sunlight. Now position the glass over the paper to see a wonderful rainbow on the paper.

Image Reference: YouTube, Kidzworld

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