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Device helps to perform CBC for ₹10

Device helps to perform CBC for ₹10

Complete Blood Count (CBC) test is vital to diagnose many health issues. It is one of the easiest ways as well.

However, it is quite expensive for the poor and underprivileged in India especially in rural areas. This is due to a lack of trained staff and advanced equipment.

In order to help these people, researchers of IIT Kharagpur developed a low-cost kit to conduct CBC.

They have been working for the last 5 years on developing the device. And it took two years for the researchers to validate the results.

This spinning disc kit reduces the cost of the test to nearly ₹10. The kit works on the basic principle of a centrifuge and on the densities of various cellular components of blood.

The motorized spinning disc segregates the components as per their density with over 95% accuracy.

This simple polymer/plastic disc has many advantages including its simple design, automation, fabrication techniques etc.

It does not need trained personnel or sophisticated technicians. Any ordinary health worker can perform the test by just pricking the finger and taking a sample of blood of the patient.

This device is beneficial in rural areas where there are not enough doctors or sophisticated laboratories and technicians.

Since it is a simple device, local people can also be trained to use the device. The results can be sent to a doctor remotely through a telemedicine system.

It is useful for e-health clinics as well. The data of the patients can be collected on a tablet, computer or mobile phone and sent to doctors in a city.

The doctors can give their recommendations after evaluating the results.

The average cost of a CBC test is nearly ₹200-250; with this device, the cost of the test can be reduced to ₹10.

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