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Couple makes eco-friendly scrub suits for doctors

Couple makes eco-friendly scrub suits for doctors

Several people are exploring innovative ways to recycle plastic. Here is a couple who innovated a technology to use recycled polyester made from PET bottles.

Vanshika Choudhary and Abhijeet Kaji are wife and husband. They launched KNYA Med, a medical apparel venture, for medical professionals. They made EcoFlex scrub suits from recycled polyester.

Apart from supplying medical scrub suits, KNYA Med also provides lab coats, scrub caps, face masks and many more. The startup supplied these products to more than 500 medical institutions in various regions of the country.

There are several millions of medical professionals in the country. Most of them buy scrubs each year. The couple identified a business opportunity in this segment due to the lack of new innovative products for over five decades. They wanted to make comfortable and fashionable apparel for medical professionals. They directly supply to hospitals and clinics and also through the D2C channel.

Vanshika pursued fashion technology from Singapore. Abhijeet completed his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. While Abhijeet became a founding member of Filter Capital in Mumbai, Vanshika started running her first startup KNYA for making workwear for women.

After their marriage, Vanshika moved to Mumbai from Delhi. The couple decided to make personal protective equipment (PPE) kits for medical professionals during the first wave of the pandemic. That’s how KNYA Med emerged.

This Mumbai-based startup worked with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)-run hospitals and supplied PPE kits to them. Later, the startup began developing relationships with private hospitals also to supply its products to them.

Overcoming many challenges for ramping up their production with their limited human resources, the wife and husband sustained in the industry. Later, they innovated EcoFlex technology to make eco-friendly scrub suits for medical professionals.

These scrub suits are specially designed for doctors keeping their needs in mind. Besides, these suits are durable and autoclavable. They even can support the harsh laundry process of hospitals like sterilization.

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