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Converting wastes into constitution materials

Converting wastes into constitution materials

There are many things these days posing a major threat to the environment. And one such major threat is Polythene Terephthalate. Due to the extensive use of bottles made with PET, the threat has been increasing. There are several such issues that pose a big threat to environment. To solve these issues, researchers of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) came up with a solution. They developed a process to convert hazardous wastes into useful construction materials.

The process converts harmful environmental waste materials like recycled Polythene Terephthalate into construction material. It helps in converting fly ash produced by thermal power plants as well.

The researchers of the department of Civil Engineering of Zakir Husain College from AMU claimed that the process developed by them is very helpful in combating environmental wastes. Fareed Mahdi in AMU is working as an Associate Professor in AMU. He is the head of this project. He said that PET, which is being extensively used for making bottles for mineral water and carbonated drinks, remained a major threat to the environment.

He added that fly ash is being used in a polymer concrete aid in reducing the use of coarse sand as it is currently posing a major environmental threat due to the massive mining of sands from various river beds. Furthermore, the usage of fly ash as a building material helps in keeping agricultural lands as such. At present, agricultural lands are being used as dumping sites for throwing such wastes.

The researchers applied for a patent for the conversion of both the processes. They are hoping to get the patent soon from Controller of Patents and Designs. Mahdi stated that the researcher has previously published in the prestigious journal ‘Construction of Building Materials which is published by Elsveier Press.

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