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Children’s Leisure becomes Educational with Flinto

Children’s Leisure becomes Educational with Flinto

Kids watching TV for hours is a sight found in almost all households these days. This is true especially for younger kids below the age of 10. It is proven that children tend to have the highest learning capability below the age of 7. Many parents tend to worry about the drastic effects caused by over watching TV. It is important for parents to know how to spark the right creative nature in kids. Here is FIinto, a new service which will offer a new entertaining learning medium for children.

Flinto is for parents who want to cut their children’s TV viewing time and turn it into something productive. The main reason Flinto is successful is because children need something entertaining if their TV time is cut. Flinto offers that entertainment to children while helping them learn new things and spend their time productively. They offer their product FIintobox which can be delivered anywhere in India. It focuses on 20 developmental skills for children and makes this development entertaining. All kinds of learning in Flintobox is done in new ways like cartoons and images to attract the minds of children.

Flinto offers their Flintoboxes every month. Each month there will be a new theme which prevents the children from getting bored. The price of one Flintobox is Rs. 1095. Parents can get a three month subscription for Rs. 2985 and six month subscription for Rs. 5370.

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