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The worth of a rupee


There were times in India when families survived with an income of Rs 100. Many of us often heard stories of how things were much cheaper in the past. However, there are still many things you can buy just for a rupee. Below are certain things you can get for a rupee.

New look for your clothes

With just a rupee, you can buy some simple buttons to give your shirt a new look no matter how much the shirt was worth.

Fight sleep when you have work

With just a rupee, you can buy coffee pouches which can give you the needed boost to prevent falling asleep when you have something important to do.

A stamp

Many situations still require us to send a mail physically. With just one rupee you can buy a stamp for that purpose.

Revisit your childhood

Even today, there are many candies and chewing gums available just for a rupee. Try them and take a trip to nostalgia town.


Many mobile network providers charge one rupee per minute or one SMS. So, you can communicate with others with just that rupee.

Pin it

You can buy a bunch of safety pins or paper pins for just one rupee.


Most photocopy shops still do it for one rupee a page. So, you can get a photocopy of something for just a rupee.

Image Reference: NDTV

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