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SpiceJet operates first Biofuel-powered flight

SpiceJet operates first Biofuel-powered flight

In order to reduce the cost of air travel, airline carriers are trying to replace aviation turbine fuel with biojet fuel.

In this scenario, SpiceJet successfully tested India’s first biofuel-powered flight yesterday.

It’s Bombardier Q400 aircraft, took off from Dehradun and landed at the airport in Delhi using biofuel partially (25 percent) and air turbine fuel (ATF) for the remaining 75 percent.

SpiceJet has 36 Boeing 737NG and 22 Bombardier Q400 planes.

On an average, 412 flights are being operated by the airline daily. Q400 aircraft has 78 seats.

After the test has been successful, SpiceJet stated that it successfully operated India’s first ever biofuel powered flight.

The biofuel used by SpiceJet is made partly from renewable resource.

These include non-edible oils, agricultural residues and bio-degradable elements of both industrial and municipal wastes.

The fuel has been developed by the CSIR-IIP, Dehradun, says the airline.

It is also stated that biofuel reduces carbon emission compared to ATF and also improves fuel efficiency.

As per IATA, two per cent of the total global greenhouse gas emissions are being emitted by the aviation industry.

It also set out a target for nearly one billion passengers to fly on flights that use a mix of clean energy and fossil fuels by 2025.

The test flight had taken place for around 25 minutes and nearly 20 people were included in the test flight.

SpiceJet says that if the usage of biojet fuel has been increased, reliance on traditional fuel will be reduced. As a result, airfares will come down.

American Standard Testing Method (ASTM) recognized the biojet fuel as well. It also meets the specification standards of Pratt & Whitney and Bombardier.

Image Credit:- “Spicejet” by Jnzl’s Photos is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Image Reference: https://www.flickr.com/photos/surveying/29992731382

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