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Satya Nadella Awarded Huge Package

Satya Nadella Awarded Huge Package

Satya Nadella, the chief executive of Microsoft has become one of the biggest earners in the tech industry. He had a pay package which is worth $84.3 million this year according to a document filed with securities regulators. The number is a general estimation of value of one-off stock awards given to Nadella who became the third chief executive of the company in February. Mr. Nadella was also given stock awards worth approximately $79.8 million, but most of the payments will be made over several years.

Microsoft has stated that the actual compensation of Mr. Nadella’s is worth $11.6 million after excluding the long-term stock awards and a $13.5 million one-time retention award he received before his promotion to CEO. The pay package of Satya Nadella consists of a long term performance based stock award valued at $59.2 million. However, he will not receive that until the year 2019 and it will depend on the performance of Microsoft’s stock relative to other companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index.

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