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Homestay for tourists in Changlang

Remote tribal community opens homestay for tourists

In Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh, a small tribal community has opened their homes to let people from other places stay in their homes and enjoy their culture, food and society. The Tangsa community which is located near Nampong has attracted more tourists with this move.

Some of the families in this community are inviting tourists to stay with them in the lush green nature cover and are also allowing them to taste their food, visit the neighbouring hill tops and more.

Jankhong Morang, a resident of Nongki Bosti in Nampong has transformed his traditional hut into a place where tourists can stay and enjoy smoked tea called “phalap”, rice beer called “ju” and also a staple diet of steamed rice and boiled vegetables.

During the stay at home, the tourists can take the Pangsau pass which is only 12 km from Nampong.

Using this pass, they can visit Myanmar. They also take the tourists to visit the hilltops where they cultivate. Hitesh Saika, a traveler who stayed at the Tangsa community stated that he loved his experience there. The homestay has made more people stay closer to nature and enjoy the beauty of the place even more.

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