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Significance of Pitru Paksha

It is believed that the offerings made to ancestors in Mahalaya Paksha period would reach them directly even though their souls departed in an

Good and bad habits that can change...

Leaving unclean utensils on dining table after finishing meals is supposed to attract negative effects of Shani and moon.

Use eco-friendly Ganesha Idols

Tree Ganesha is made from red soil. Other ingredients of this idol are seeds, natural colour and organic fertilizer.

Find out how the food in Indira...

These new Indira canteens are made to craft simple and affordable meals for the poor, who cannot usually afford more than a few rupees

How Indian independence day was...

In China, celebrations were rampant in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Indian envoys and delegates were congratulated by their Chinese fellows, and the tricolor was