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Mumbai is 13th global ‘attractive’ city

Mumbai is 13th global ‘attractive’ city

Sometimes, when a city from India is counted high on a global scale, it indeed sounds incredible. Would crowded Mumbai feature in a world ranked  list?

Well, it has. In a list titled INSEAD Alumni prepared by a leading graduate business school in France, it was found that India’s financial capital, Mumbai, is among the world’s most attractive cities in terms of professional and private lives.

The top city in the list is Dubai, followed by Amsterdam.  Dubai has been rated the world’s most attractive city to live and work in. Surprisingly, London has been ranked 10th and Paris 11th in the list, but what is more amazing is that Mumbai isn’t too far behind these renowned cities. It is the 13th in the list of 15! Mumbai is the only Indian city in it, in fact. Mumbai is the 13th in overall attractiveness, seventh in economic dynamism, 15th in quality of life and fifth in the cost of living.

Dubai is followed by Amsterdam. Then Toronto, Singapore, Madrid, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Paris, Milano, Mumbai, Moscow and Sao Paulo are listed.

Dubai is ranked first in economic dynamism, third in overall attractiveness and fourth in quality of life and cost of living.

INSEAD Alumni Association France had recorded and assessed the responses of 835 INSEAD Alumni with international working experience. There were 30 criteria dealing with professional and private lives, which included economic dynamism, factoring quality of labour and access to funding; quality of life in sports and cultural facilities; air quality and cost of living in real estate, dining and entertainment parameters.

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